Weir Farm National Historical Park

Weir Farm National Historic Park

Wilton, CT

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Everyone: Free



Mask Policy

WFNHS asks that you follow the CDC guidelines.


Park Grounds and parking lots are open daily, sunrise to sunset, year-round.

No Appointment Needed

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Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of visiting Weir Farm National Historic Site on a beautiful and sunny Thursday afternoon. Tucked into backcountry Ridgefield, Weir Farm is a breathtaking historic landmark that serves as a great Saturday or Sunday getaway for friends and family. The historic buildings are charming and the gardens are enchanting. But beyond that, the history of Weir Farm National Historic Park is worth investigating, especially for history and art junkies, like me. I really enjoyed, not only the aspect of nature, but also the ability to explore Weir Farm. The grounds feel endless and behind every turn is a charming garden, preserved country home, or a gallery to explore. One of my favorite parts of Weir Farm was exploring Weir Studio. I was able to take a deep dive into learning about Julien Alden Weir, who is one of the most famous American impressionist painters. Julien Alden Weir spent much of his career creating some of his most famous works at Weir farm. To be able to enjoy such history, art and nature together was an incredible combination for my afternoon. There are also many wonderful opportunities to take self-guided tours through the farm. Taking advantage of that opportunity I easily navigated every landmark as well as taking the beautiful hike to Weir Pond through the use of the park’s brochures and maps.  I would highly recommend taking the trip up to Weir Pond, especially on a day trip for lunch. The location feels very inspired and it is Weir Pond that inspired a lot of Julein Alden Weir’s work. The nature is incredibly peaceful and I can only begin to imagine the site’s beauty in the fall or spring. There are clearings, rock walls and other places to sit and enjoy a packed lunch there.  Unfortunately, there were many other hikes and sites on the farm that I did not have time to fit in. However, I highly recommend seeing for yourself all the incredible activities and sights it has to offer!



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