Bruce Museum

The Bruce Museum

Greenwich, CT

Plan your visit!

Bruce Museum


Adults: $10

Students (5-22 w/ valid ID): $8

Seniors (65 & up): $8

Museum members and children under 5: Free

Free individual admission on Tuesdays


Easy accessible

Mask Policy

Masks required inside and outside for anyone over the age of 2 years old.


Tuesday - Sunday | 10am – 5pm

No Appointment Needed

Local Restaurant Recommendations

Meli-Melo - French Lunch

Gingerman - American Dinner

The Bruce Museum is just the spot for an afternoon in art. Just located at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue, which features amazing shopping and restaurants, the Bruce Museum is a Greenwich town favorite for a variety of reasons. The museum is also located right across from the Greenwich harbor and an amazing children's playground and park so it makes for a great day trip. Constantly featuring new exhibits and artists, the Bruce Museum always has interesting exhibits on view. For the summer, they featuredThe Amazon Rainforest: Beauty, Destruction, Hope. The exhibit ends on October 10th. I highly recommend checking it out before the exhibit closes. The exhibit's deep message was sensed through the dark green ambiance. Before visiting the exhibit, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I did not know much about the destruction the rainforests are facing or the artists that talk about these issues. However, as soon as I got inside the show, I immediately began to feel the gravity of the discussion. Inside the exhibit there were photographs, animals, rocks, and imagery. To me, Daniel Beltro’s photography is able to encapsulate the emotion that the exhibit was trying to elicit: the feeling of emptiness and loss followed by a certain hope. The images show the vastness and scale of the Amazon Rainforest along with showcasing its beauty and home and what is lost at the human hand. Beyond the exhibit, the Bruce Museum has many plans for the future. In the front hallway you can see the models and mock-ups for their new and fully renovated museum and galleries. There is much to be excited about regarding the Bruce Museum. If the Amazon Rainforest Exhibit is even a sneak perk of what the Museum has in store then I cannot wait for the future. 



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