Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Center for Contemporary Printmaking 

Norwalk, CT

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Center for Contemporary Printmaking 

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Monday: Closed

Tuesday–Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

*The gallery is now open on a reserved basis. Click here to view our current exhibition. Please click call (203) 899-7999 or email to make a reservation.

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Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk is an incredibly special stop along the Connecticut Art Trail. Prior to visiting CCP I had some knowledge of printmaking but, overall I did not know much about the medium. However, when I arrived this past summer I fell completely in love with their showing. The entire gallery, which is tucked into Mathew’s Park, a charming section of South Norwalk, is filled with tiny 4x4 inch miniature prints. Thousands of these small prints are sent every two years by artists across the world; they are a thing of wonder! Oftentimes, in museums, it is the large eye-catching artworks that get all the attention, however, Center for Contemporary Printmaking challenges this idea with its 13th Biennial Miniature Print International Exhibition. The thousands of tiny prints on display will draw you in - I could have spent hours exploring each tiny, complex, and intricate print. The amount of attention to detail is fascinating. Every artist in the show, the winners and the ones that did not even make it up on the wall, explores a different idea, style, color and composition. This show is sincerely one of a kind and a must-see. Furthermore, beyond the gallery, there is the Center’s very own printmaking studio, which you can go see for yourself, which was also a real treat. Being able to see the inner workings of the studio allows for a greater appreciation and understanding of such an intricate and special medium. Taking a deep dive into printmaking and the process is a cool and new experience for anyone that is interested in the arts, whether they are an artist or not. The most important thing to mention, and this is something that I myself was incredibly excited about and a participant in, is that viewers of the biennial can buy the mini prints for their own personal collection. Not only are the prints priced reasonably, but they are brilliant, special, and on many occasions, one-of-a-kind. I will always remember this lovely day of gallery and exhibition viewing when I look at my treasured print.


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