The William Benton Museum of Art

The William Benton Museum of Art - University of CT

Storrs, CT

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The William Benton Museum of Art

Pricing Free of charge.


Easy accessible on campus parking.

Mask Policy

Masks not required for fully vaccinated individuals.


Easy accessible on campus parking.


Wednesday–Friday 10 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Saturday 1 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Closed Sunday – Tuesday during the COVID period

No Appointment Needed

Local Restaurant Recommendations

Mooyah Burger Shakes and Fries (American)

Dog Lane Cafe (Breakfast/Lunch)

Located at the University of Connecticut campus, the William Benton Museum of Art is a great choice along the Connecticut Art Trail. Before this visit, I had never been to University of CT campus before, but, located in the rolling hills of upstate Connecticut it has so much charm and beauty. Beyond the campus itself, the University Museum is a highlight for sure. Located right outside William Benton is the beginning of the art exhibit, “Immigrant Eyes: Photographs by Joe Standart” by Connecticut based photographer Joe Standart. This photographic installation features enormous photographs in a freestanding structure speckled over the front line. The photographs are large black and white portraits of immigrants and their features up-close. It contains an impressive 150 of these photographs. The exhibit was incredibly introspective and discusses indifference, and embracing cultural differences. The show  runs until October 16th, 2021, so get over there while you still can! Another feature of the William Benton Museum is their collection of historical art, which is well worth checking out while you're there. I really enjoyed everything William Benton had  to offer. When you're done with your visit, grab a coffee at the cafe next door and enjoy the bustle of the students and faculty on campus.


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